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Welcome to Devreve. We are a solution provider helping businesses and individuals get the most out of their investment in people, process, and technology. We have a particular passion for working with companies in the technology industry on developing and implementing strategic programs and solutions that drive business results.

Devreve specializes in delivering solutions for the Microsoft technology platform but we recognize that technology alone will only get a business so far. As such we also specialize in developing:

Communication strategies to help you connect with your customers, partners, and employees.

Talent management programs to retain and develop women in technology sector careers.

Partnership programs to drive mutual success for businesses looking to forge new relationships.


Intro SquaresUpcoming Virtual Event

On October 18, 2022, Devreve's Ian Levitt is presenting a session entitled Human Resources Essentials: Your Guide to Successful Employees, sponsored by Innovation Factory and BRINC. The goal of this session is to give participants practical information about hiring, onboarding, and managing people, with a specific view to the challenges that start-up organizations face. It will be light on theory and focused instead on providing "go dos", checklists, and other helpful resources.

Small Business Success Series

Future of Business Lunch and Learn Picture

Intro SquaresLunch and Learn: Future of Business Series

On October 25, 2022, Devreve's Ian Levitt is delivering the second in a series of three talks that are part of Innovation Factory's "Future of Business" speaker series. This will be an in person event hosted at McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton. The aim of this session is to cut through the clutter and help non-programmers understand what the top trends in software development are, why they matter to business, and how to avoid potential pitfalls that come with embracing them. Full details and registration is available on the Innovation Factory event web site.

Intro SquaresSmarter Partnerships Are Here

At the Microsoft partner conference back in 2016, Devreve and The Kreklow Group (TKG) launched SMART P2P—a framework for establishing strong, successful partner-to-partner relationships in the Microsoft ecosystem. Since then, Devreve and TKG have run programs to help partners assess, transform, and execute on partner-based business that drives results.

Read more and sign-up to receive alerts about SMART P2P offers at the SMART P2P web site.




Building Communication Strategies, Developing Female Talent, Establishing A Culture of Management Excellence, Training and Meeting Facilitation, Executive Coaching



Establishing and Managing Successful Partnerships, Project, Change, and Risk Management, Professional Services Solution Delivery Methodologies, Social Selling Strategy Development, App Modernization Planning



Microsoft Technology Expertise, Azure Cloud-Based Services, Windows Universal Application Development, Mobile Solution Development, Enterprise Systems Integration

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