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When people, process, and technology work together in harmony, there are few business challenges that cannot be tackled. All too often, however, a project or initiative fails to produce the desired results at its conclusion—that is, if it is even successful in starting-up or getting to a conclusion at all.

We believe that no amount of technology on its own can present the solution. There needs to be people with the confidence and competence to do their best work, and a management team and corporate culture that supports them. This includes selecting and implementing processes and frameworks that help guide teams and individuals, without getting in their way, to keep everything on track.

Through it all, communication and the interaction between people remains key. Communication and coaching can mean the difference between engaged teams that drive towards success and those filled with ambivalence that never seem to meet expectations.

It is with the above in mind that Devreve approaches how it helps companies in the technology industry to develop and implement strategic programs and solutions that drive business results.

What We can do for you

Communications & Connections. Devreve helps IT companies tell their stories and foster closer connections with customers, partners, and employees. From determining the right content strategy to fit your needs to the development of the content itself, you can count on us for the creation of case studies, newsletters, blog posts, executive profiles, webinar programs, and award submissions. We can also help your B2B sales teams improve their online presence and connect with today’s more sophisticated buyers to increase pipeline and accelerate close rates.

Talent Development. Successful companies—those with higher profits and stronger customer relationships—value diversity. Devreve has experience in mentorship programs, career sponsorship programs, and executive presence initiatives that help IT companies foster and develop female talent.

Partnership Development. Technology companies need to develop partnerships in order to grow profitably. Using a proven model for assessing partner-to-partner relationship maturity, Devreve, together with The Kreklow Group, helps companies identify, build, and execute successful partnership plans.



Building Communication Strategies, Developing Female Talent, Establishing A Culture of Management Excellence, Training and Meeting Facilitation, Executive Coaching



Establishing and Managing Successful Partnerships, Project, Change, and Risk Management, Professional Services Solution Delivery Methodologies, Social Selling Strategy Development, App Modernization Planning



Microsoft Technology Expertise, Azure Cloud-Based Services, Windows Universal Application Development, Mobile Solution Development, Enterprise Systems Integration

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We Build APPS

Custom developed Apps for web, phone, tablet, and desktop... all revved-up by the power of the Microsoft® Azure™ cloud.

The Gender Diversity Maturity Model

Have you grown impatient with all the talk about driving gender diversity in your organization that never seems lead to a meaningful change?

The case for gender diversity is well known and yet progress seems to be more than a little lacking. We aim to help with that.

Leveraging a simple but effective model for framing the diversity discussion, Devreve is working with organizations to help them clearly see where they are today and create an action plan for improvement.

The Gender Diversity Maturity Model aims to quantify an organization’s relative level of attention to gender diversity across 10 core business function dimensions:

  1. Hiring/Staffing
  2. Compensation
  3. Performance Management
  4. Career Development and Advancement
  5. Support Programs
  6. Training
  7. Analytics and Reporting
  8. Culture
  9. External Representation
  10. Board of Directors

Assessing Gender Diversity Maturity

The Gender Diversity Maturity model is intended to help establish a baseline of practices and behaviors for an organization that is fully committed to gender diversity. Devreve has developed an assessment tool designed to enable organizations to determine where they are today against the Diversity Maturity Model baseline and drive them to adopt practices that support making improvements in gender diversity.

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The Gender Diversity Maturity Assessment Gives You the Data You Need to Take Action


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